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The Funmacy — Where the Fun is Concocted!  

Do you spend your days dreaming breaking the monotonous daily routine?

Are you ready to experience new adventures, discover enthralling worlds,

and get a taste of the great luxuriousness of a magical vacation???

If your answer is yes, but you don’t have the time to plan, check,

wander through the Internet in search of recommendations for your celebration, I am your solution! 

Allow me to concoct for you the perfect potion for a spellbinding surprise vacation!!!         


How does it work? Ah, that’s a great question! 

First, you need to decide what’s your potion. Are you brave enough for a Surprise Potion!!! (Sounds crazy? Wait until you read all the details). Or, perhaps you want to know all the details in advance and have a mind-blowing experience — the Beginners’ Potion (here too there are lavish experiences in store for you).

And, if you wish to purchase the gift of a Surprise Potions for your loved ones — a Gift Potion!!!


Surprise Potion —

  • You fill out the Celebrators’ Questionnaire: dates, number of celebrators, preferences, budget… It’s important that you provide as many details as possible— the answers to the questionnaire will assist in establishing the celebrators’ profile for your vacation potion)

  • I concoct the right surprise vacation potion for you (I make the necessary reservations, and I coordinate, design, and prepare a myriad of surprises for you).

  • One week before the vacation, you’ll receive a prophetic email with various details: the weather forecast at the mystery destination, packing recommendations (diving masks, ski boots, insect repellent…), the size of the luggage, and a location and time of departure (for example, “Wednesday, 8 a.m., Tlalim Junction”).

  • A few days before setting out, you’ll receive a personalized package which will be delivered to your house— it should not be opened under any circumstances! (The package will contain the precise mixture for your exclusive Surprise Potion:  addresses, a fun-filled schedule, all of the attractions that await you and many more surprises).

  • On the departure date, you reach the noted location at the designated time, open the package, and… being the celebrations!!!


Beginners’ Potion—

You fill out the Celebrators’ Questionnaire, and I concoct the pampering surprise vacation for you (in which all of the details are known, but many additional surprises, which you’ll discover throughout the vacation, will be added to your fun-filled experience,). A few days prior to the departure date, you will receive your glamorous vacation package, and set out on the day of the celebration 

Gift Potion—

The most splendiferous gift ever! Suitable for any occasion: it’s wonderful for weddings, birthdays, retirements, for simply saying “I love you sooooo much!!!” or just because you really feel like pampering someone! Congratulations 


Dear Celebrators,

Get ready for the funnest experience — pick your potion and set out!!!

שיקוי מתנה
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