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Example Potions and Concoctions

romantic israel

“Time for Lovers”—

a super romantic concoction for two,

for all the loving couples who need some quality time to themselves. A weekend for two,

starting from 5,000 NIS.

סוכנות להפתעות בוטיק
שיקוי הפתעות

“the israeli taste” —

a culinary, luscious and flavorful concoction where you’ll become acquainted with and get a taste of new and surprising worlds. A weekend for two, starting from 3,000 NIS.

Israel food
exotic Israel

“Wow! This Place is Amazing!” —
a mind-blowing and fascinating concoction that will take you to far, exotic places, to the unknown…
A midweek vacation, starting from 3,500 NIS

שיקוי הפתעות

“A Sweet Getaway” —

take a few hours to reenergize with a relaxing, peaceful, magical experience… A one-day vacation, starting from 2,200 NIS.

מתנה רומנטי
Israel sweet escape

**These are just examples — please contact me to create your own concoction**

Bachelor/bachelorette parties, activities for friends, mother-daughter activities, anniversaries, proposals, employee gifts, luxurious, boutique company retreats, routine-breaking surprises and a variety of concoctions are waiting for you…

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